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What to expect in this program?  Carefully curated and age appropriate earth friendly stories. Harmonica campfire songs. Lots of audience participation. Stealthy environmental education with bits of natural history embedded in the stories.  Encouragement and techniques to learn, adapt and pass the stories along.  And of course… fun and laughter!

Everyone Into the Act at Your Library

From call and response tales that bring out the more timid kids, to a foot stomping version of Mama Don't Allow, this perennial favorite show features our signature style of highly participatory storytelling.  Watch and listen as your patrons young and older, fly with the fairies, howl with coyotes and perform with the Off the Bookshelf and Into the World Band.  

 Story Salsa!

Liz's unique approach to bilingual telling encourages speakers of every language to  learn a little Spanish while celebrating their own native tongue!


With Creole roots that reach to Africa, Spain, and the Caribbean, Liz’s signature style of bilingual participatory storytelling is animated with foolish children, talking hummingbirds, not-so smart ogres, and wise old women. Spiced with percussive rhythms of drum, clave, and  tambourine these tales are guaranteed to delight listeners of all ages!

This program is available year round.  Please inquire well in advance for Hispanic Heritage Month block booking.

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Off The Bookshelf and Into the Wild!


Bob’s life of adventure took him from the backyard Minisceongo stream of his free range childhood to a 2000 mile kayak adventure on the Yukon River.


From there, it was a career in nature education that evolved naturally into one of  passion and life as a storyteller. Liz was a city girl who caught the nature and story bug. Together we’ve been encouraging kids and families to learn, explore, imagine and connect with books, stories and life ever since.

For the past three years we’ve been partnering with the New Mexico Wildlife Foundation’s Nature Niños program, bringing their storytelling and workshops to underserved kids on story hikes and nature camps.


What can your kids and families expect?  We’ arrive with our walking/talking stick, harmonica, shakers, a Possibles Bag of Tales to pick from, and ALWAYS lots of audience participation.  We bring life to the stories and the stories to life!

Save the Earth- Save the Stories

Ancient Earth Wisdom Tales 

Recycled, Reimagined and Retold

Traditional stories from cultures around the world, hold wisdom that is  timeless and timely for living in harmony with the natural world, and the preservation of the planet. If they are not told treasured, and passed on…just like endangered species or habitats, they will be lost.

Story Recycling! Just as recycling breathes new life into materials, or a well loved book checked out once more keeps it alive in a readers imagination; telling, retelling, and adapting stories breathes new life into them creating a cycle of creativity and connection.

Bob knows how to get kids excited about protecting the natural world, while encouraging their own creativity.


His experience as a storyteller, adventurer, environmental educator ,nature center and youth conservation corp camp director and current consultant to the .New Mexico Wildlife Federation Nature Ninos program, make him uniquely qualified and the perfect ambassador to offer adventure and conservation themed summer reading and learning programs.


The Story Prospector

A Perennial Favorite

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Bob draws on his background as an environmental educator and Alaska tour guide and arrives at your library with his Walking Talking Stick, Possibles Bag, The World's Smallest Harmonica, and a Treasure Chest of Story Gems. Participatory stories that will have your kids and families traveling to far-off places while finding the story treasures right in their own library and neighborhood!

Find Your Voice!

The Superpowers of the Storyteller


Your patrons young and older will exercise, stretch and strengthen their listening, their voices, their memories, and their imaginations. They'll learn"The Storyteller's Secret and leave with an easy to tell story to share with family and friends. We've distilled the best of our tried and true stories and activities into this totally participatory experience. Those voices you are hearing?   They're the voices of your kids and families having a great time!

We also offer a limited number of

mini -workshops, that can expand on the performances, or stand on their own. These workshops can be tailored to all age groups including teens and adults.

We hope we've given you a good sense of what we can contribute to your plans this year.  PLEASE have no reservations in asking for more information, or to request a specially themed event. To contact us please click here

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