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How The Sea Began-

A CreationStory of the Caribbean

and other tales and tunes 

of sea people and creatures.... real and imaginary

With Bilingual Storyteller Liz Mangual

and Bob Kanegis

Summer Reading Programs in New Mexico and Colorado 2022

The Story Prospector

"Goes Beyond The Beaten Path"

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Drawing on his background as an environmental educator and Alaska tour guide, Bob arrives at your library with his Walking Talking Stick, Possibles Bag, Accordion, the World's Smallest Harmonica, and a treasure chest of Story Gems. Participatory storytelling with a little fresh squeezed music that will have your kids and families traveling to far-off places while finding the story treasures right in their own library and neighborhood!

 Story Salsa!

Liz's unique approach to bilingual telling encourages speakers of every language to not only learn a little Spanish,and to celebrate their own native tongue!


With Creole roots that reach to Africa, Spain, and the Caribbean, Liz’s signature style of bilingual participatory storytelling is animated with foolish children, talking hummingbirds, not-so smart ogres, and wise old women. Spiced with percussive rhythms of drum, clave, and  tambourine these tales are guaranteed to delight listeners of all ages!

A Family Reading Legacy

Bob reflects on how the joy of books and reading continues to be passed on in his family.  To read the article, please click here

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Everyone Into the Act at Your Library!

From call and response tales that bring out the more timid kids, to a foot stomping version of Mama Don't Allow, this perennial favorite show features our signature style of highly participatory storytelling.  Watch and listen as your patrons young and older, fly with the fairies, howl with coyotes and perform with the Off the Bookshelf and Into the World Band.