With permission- Palm Beach County Library System

For more than 30 years we've crisscrossed the country, doing what we love most; gathering at hundreds of libraries with kids and families to share the joy of reading, books, and stories .  

As we all start planning for 2021 we look forward to working with libraries to offer

in- person storytelling when it's safe, and online experiences when that is more prudent. 


In-person performances will always be our preference, but we've been delighted to discover that we can still reach across the screen, continue our tradition of participatory telling, and host storytelling experiences online where everyone feels welcome and included.

We can plan with you tentatively for in-person performances and workshops with the understanding that these programs may need to be rescheduled or offered online depending on how the 2021 Covid situation unfolds.


Click here to learn about some of our perennial offerings, and enjoy Bob's reflections on the legacy of reading in his family.

We are often able and pleased to accommodate requests for other theme specific programs if you can book with enough lead time for us to prepare a customized program.

We want to reiterate the message about fees that is on our home page. During this time of Covid,

we believe that the opportunity to hear and share stories is more important than ever.  To that end, we have made this commitment in  2021...We will strive to make our storytelling offerings available to everyone who asks for them. That means that we will work with you to offer our services for our full fee, a reduced fee, or gratis depending on your family, or organizations budget.  The old stories can guide us all in striving for what is fair, kind, equitable and just.

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A recent testimonial for an online system-wide program

"Liz's marvelous storytelling was the perfect way for our library system to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month. We were thrilled to host not one, but two virtual events featuring her bilingual tales. With warmth and joy and superb artistry, Liz takes everyone on a delightful, multicultural journey that inspires connection and community."  Seung Hee Kang-Youth Services Librarian,Pierce County Washington Library System


This testimonial speaks to what we aim for!

"Liz and Bob enthralled a packed room of preschoolers, school age kids, parents, and teachers and kept all ages entertained at once – an amazing feat.  Their delightful combination of fun personalities, participatory folktales and foot stomping music  culminated with the audience becoming the band!  One of our all time favorite programs!”  (Lincoln MA Public Library)