So sorry we can't be with you during this time of closures.

Please check our online page for a taste of digital telling.

We are eager to work with you so that together, we can

do what we love and you love.

 Share a love of reading, books and stories

with your patrons and our listeners!


We offer Storytelling Experiences

where EVERYONE feels welcome and included!

After 1000+ library performances,

this is what we strive for each and every time

we spend time with your children and families.



It's our Signature Style

What age audiences do we work with?

Everybody older the yesterday but younger than tomorrow!

An important lesson we've learned through the years....

On any particular day it's difficult to predict how large an audience will be

or what  range of ages to expect.  This is where having a large repertoire,

lots of flexibility and the ability to improvise really helps.  

We always come prepared to adapt in the moment so that we can

"Tell to the ones we're with!"


Our most important job is to engage your listeners

to ensure they have a great experience,

not to do a fixed show no matter what the circumstance






You can book our programs with confidence, knowing that your patrons are going to have a wonderful and memorable experience.

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The Way of the Storyteller!


"To be able to create a story, to make it live during the moment of the telling,

to arouse emotions - wonder, laughter, joy, amazement...

To keep step with a child’s fancy, 

to abide for a little space in the Land of Faery,

to know joy unrestrained...

These are some of the markers along the way of the storyteller."

(Ruth Sawyer - author and children's librarian)

With permission- Palm Beach County Library System