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We perform, teach, collaborate and coach 

 to create truly memorable storytelling experiences.



Now Booking for 2022-2023 

Bilingual Storyteller Liz Mangual

and Bob Kanegis

Summer Reading Programs

 New Mexico and Colorado 2022


Hello Nextdoor Neighbors 

In Greater Albuquerque

This Holiday Season

and Winter 2023

Give a Unique and Memorable Gift to Yourself, Family and Friends

Like in Days Gone By

Host the Storytellers at Home.

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Here, Bob wraps  up the Scottish tale of

The Baker Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies.  We thought we'd share it right up front here, because it speaks to the very heart of why we have chosen "The Way of the Storyteller." 

Enjoy a preview of one of Liz's favorite tales from Central America.

 Colibri! How The Hummingbird Got His  Colors.

Exciting News!  We've been invited as featured performers at the 

Marakesh Morocco International Storytelling Festival

February 12-20th 2023

Created during the  period of the COVID 19 pandemic, The World Storytelling Café  hosted more than two hundred tellers and poets from every continent in an extravaganza approaching a thousand hours of performance.  We were delighted to be regulars at the online cafe and to participate virtually in the 1st Festival.  Now we are planning to tell  in person in Morocco in 2023!   Marrakech, the magical Red City has a tradition of storytelling as old as the nearby Atlas Mountains.  Performances will take place in a number of venues including cafes, museums and historic riads. More than forty of the worlds best known tellers and poets will tell in languages including English, Darija and Amazigh.  There will also be workshops, educational outreach, socializing and opportunities for all to learn, grow and tell.  .


The Way of the Storyteller!

"To be able to create a story, to make it live during the moment of the telling, to arouse emotions - wonder, laughter, joy, amazement...To keep step with a child’s fancy,  to abide for a little space in the Land of Faery ,to know joy unrestrained...

These are some of the markers along the way of the storyteller."

(Ruth Sawyer - author and children's librarian)


Used with permission by the Clarke County NV Public Schools

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