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 with a wide range of organizations

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Selected Upcoming Performances and Projects


The Neon Museum- My Las Vegas/Mi Las Vegas

We continue our multi-year collaboration with the Neon Museum and the Clarke County Public Schools

Sept 16-20th

 Corrales New Mexico Harvest Festival

Come hear Bob tell

When Paul Bunyan Met Johnny Appleseed

and other tales of the Green and Growing World!

September 28th

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Liz returns to The Palm Beach County Library System

October 5-11 with  STORY SALSA!

Mountain Plains and New Mexico Library Association Joint Conference, Albuquerque New Mexico

Get Ready for Summer Reading 2020

We will facilitate a full day workshop

Bringing Stories to Life

October 30th

Our Next Legacy Workshop

A Once in a Lifetime Story! Your Life and Times

Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center

Feb 1 2020


It was a wonderful Summer of Storytelling in 2019!

With Tours to Alaska and San Fransisco Public Libraries

and a trip to the Bay Area to participate in the

National Storytelling Summit



We were truly inspired by the creativity and heart of our storytelling colleagues from around the world. We were also honored for the opportunity to share our stories at several  Summit Showcases, and to offer our workshop-

Cultivating the Seeds of Our Healing Stories.

The Summit was a reminder to us that storytelling

is more than our profession. It is our true calling and way of being in the the world.  We are all connected! 

"I am who I am because of who we all are together."

Bob is honored to have been invited to contribute a chapter to this recently released anthology.  (available through Parkhurst Brothers and Amazon)