Below are three stories that we told recently via Zoom mini storytelling festivals.  We would so prefer to

share our tales with you in person, gathered together in our homes, libraries, and schools.  Since that is not possible at this time, we are exploring all the online ways that we can offer the joys of storytelling.   We hope you enjoy these full length stories in good health and with good company.  If you are a library or school checking out online possibilities, you may want to scroll through the stories more quickly.  We will soon do some editing so that you can more easily preview small clips.  We are eager to find ways that we can make a contribution to your organization.  Please don't hesitate to call or write us and we can explore

together a variety of ways  to make it work well for your particular situation. 


The Hummingbirds have just recently returned to our backyard garden...something that I look forward to every year with great anticipation and delight.  Here's one of my favorite stories! It's  a tale from Central America.  I've told it in two formats... first bilingually in English and Spanish, and then in Spanish for the online Festival de Narración Hablada Aquí Español.

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes suddenly get really sleepy for no apparent reason?

The Secret of Fairy Dust,

The Secret of Fairy Gold and

a tale of a very and clever woman awaits you!