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Mami insisted, "Never lose your language." I listened! 

My mother's guidance kept me connected to and proud of my Puerto Rican heritage. Today I am fluent in two languages.  My life journey has taken me to my current home in New Mexico and now storytelling takes me to communities across the country!


When children and families hear their own language spoken in a story they experience an instant sense of inclusion and belonging.  

You see it in their beaming  faces, and hear it as they eagerly add their voices to a participatory story.  At the same time, as I move back and forth between languages, non Spanish speakers discover that they are following the story and that it's fun to learn new words.


Celebrate one second language and you celebrate them all!

 I often tell to audiences where there are people from all over the world.  I ask about the languages that my listeners speak and Just like my mother encouraged me, I encourage others to treasure their native language.  Stories connect us and bring us together as a community in the moment, while affirming the value of our own traditions.  Stories help us see what’s possible and lead us to revel in the magic and wonder of life!   Life!...Now thats a universal language!


 Family Storytelling and Literacy Programs-that improve communication, strengthen relationships and build language skills. Working with children and their families together brings out the best of what I offer. I draw on my experience growing up in an immigrant family, my years working as a family advocate with Spanish speaking and Southeast Asian families, my training as a Life Coach and of course my storytelling skills and perspectives.  You can engage me for  performances, workshops and special events.  It can be for an hour, a day, an evening, or an extended visit.


We Have Stories to Tell!- A Wonderful Collaboration!

The Santa Cruz Public Libraries through the California State Library, hired me to help promote English literacy among children of Spanish speaking farm worker families. Through a series of workshops and community events I involved parents, children, university students, housing providers and library staff in a process that encouraged stories to be shared - first in Spanish by the families and ultimately written in English and bound into student designed books. I love creative collaborations!


A Few Testimonials


"Liz's marvelous storytelling was the perfect way for our library system to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month. We were thrilled to host not one, but two virtual events featuring her bilingual tales. With warmth and joy and superb artistry, Liz takes everyone on a delightful, multicultural journey that inspires connection and community."

Seung Hee Kang-Youth Services Librarian,Pierce County Washington Library System

"The Teton County Library had the privilege to bring in Liz Mangual to help us celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.  In the morning Liz mesmerized students from kinder to 4th grade with her special spin of fantastic and humorous tales from Puerto Rico, Honduras and Spain.  That evening Liz offered a presentation in Spanish for Latino families where Moms, Dads and their children had the opportunity to be with each other and to hear stories together in their native language.  It was an honor to celebrate this rich heritage of stories, told with such joy and animation by Liz Mangual!"  (Patti Rocha - Spanish Programs  Coordinator - Teton County Wyoming Public Library)

"I've had the pleasure of listening to Liz Mangual tell bilingual stories at the Four Corners Storytelling Festival, Albuquerque Public Schools, and in rural Hispanic communities for El Día de los Niños/Dia de Los Libros. She is a master at finding just the right balance of Spanish and English to suit her listeners.  She engages everyone from toddlers to adults with her humor and infectious joy!  It is delightful to watch her audiences laugh, sing, and join in with the stories."

(Fro Trujillo-REFORMA de Nuevo Mexico and Youth Services Coordinator- Farmington Public Library)

"Liz's stories washed over us joyfully and refreshed us like a cool breeze!  She inspired and captivated young and old alike. The mother of one young girl was grateful that her daughter told her that she was inspired to begin speaking her native Spanish more often because of LIz's stories and encouragement."   (Marysville Washington Public Library)